Malawi | Pharmacy and Medicines Regulatory Authority
Recent regulatory actions against non-compliant pharmaceutical premises

Pharmacy and Medicines Regulatory Authority (PMRA) at its 75th Board Meeting held on 6th and 7th October, 2022 considered and decided over various disciplinary cases involving 36 non-compliant pharmaceutical premises.

The Authority commenced regulatory action against owners of the listed premises for failure to comply with relevant laws and regulations under the PMRA Act No. 9 of 2019 including operating without a license, stocking prescription only medicines (POM), operating premises without qualified personnel, and keeping medical products with no proof of purchase.

Consequently, the public is hereby informed that the Authority has revoked licenses for 28 pharmaceutical premises, issued written warning to seven and declared one clinic not registered to dispense medicines and therefore closure of its dispensing area.

Full list of the affected pharmaceutical premises is provided in the link below: