Malawi | Pharmacy and Medicines Regulatory Authority

Mrs. F. Chimimba

Mrs. Frider Chimimba trained as Pharmacist at the University of Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania and for over twenty years worked with different organizations in Community pharmacy in Malawi. In 2006, she obtained an MSc in Pharmaceutical Services and Medicines Control at the University of Bradford UK, followed by MSc Clinical Research at Cranfield University, UK in 2013. She then worked with a Clinical Research Organization (CRO) in Reading UK, as a Drug Safety Scientist before joining University of Malawi, College of Medicine as a lecturer in Pharmacovigilance and Pharmacy Practice. In 2015, She was one of the pharmacists involved in setting up the National Pharmacovigilance Centre in Malawi in collaboration with the National Regulatory Authority (PMRA). With a small team of four Pharmacists, they successfully managed to meet the requirements for Malawi to become a full member of the WHO International Drug Safety Monitoring Programme in March 2019. She is also involved in research work focusing on Pharmacovigilance related baseline and drug utilization studies. From 2016, under PMPB, she has been involved in the project titled “Strengthening Pharmacovigilance in Malawi” in collaboration with GSK and conducting nationwide training of post service healthcare workers on Pharmacovigilance under Global Fund. Mrs. Chimimba has also been actively involved in the Malaria Vaccine implementation project, participating in the initial planning of the Malaria vaccine roll out in selected districts, drafting national guidelines on Adverse Effects Following Immunization (AEFI) together with WHO experts and training staff on general and vaccine PV. Over the years, she has served in different committees of the national regulatory authority. I am also involved in drafting PV curricula for all health care training institutions in Malawi and establishing a CRO within the Pharmacy Department at College of Medicine.